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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
McCain rally speech...

So, I'm watching CNN, which is televising the candidates' rallies in PA today. McCain purported, "My opponent wants to redistribute the wealth, I want to create wealth!"

Is it just me, or is that tantamount to admitting that he wants to make the rich richer?


Sounds like he wants to print money and inflate the economy to me.

At least he's being honest!

It's a standard axiom of libertarian/capitalist/conservative rhetoric: the government cannot create wealth; only free enterprise can do that. And it's largely true.

But it's the whole trickle-down thing: get government out of the way so the rich can get richer, and then they will pay their employees more! Sure! That always works!


The problem, of course, is that Obama (correctly) doesn't think the government can create wealth either; he wants to make it easier for the people who are not currently rich to create wealth for themselves.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

This is true. But it's virtually an axiom to libertarians/conservatives because it follows from something even more axiomatic: for the government to control means of production is Marxist and therefore wrong.

So to the conservative mind, government is always parasitic, never productive, and the less there is of it the better.

If you mention the PWA or nationalization of banks to a lot of conservatives, they kinda lose their minds. :)

(Throughout this thread of course I use "conservative" to mean fiscally conservative, without reference to social/religious policies.)

Nah, it's just standard political fantasy that government is your daddy.

Daddy will make you safe. Just do what daddy says.