gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Notes on my post surgery being.

So, it's a week after my surgery, and I'm feeling a bit bloated. I think I should have eaten less dinner tonight. However, I'm restless, bored, I want to get stuff done. The only reason I'm not doing more on my house right now is because I'm spending time at my Mom's house sitting her cat. This is a tremendous improvement in my state.

I should backtrack a bit, since I never really posted about how I was before the surgery. I had been losing energy and feeling badly for quite a while. I know that as far back as last spring I had chest pains which I now know to be the gall bladder problems. I also had a few mysterious rounds with nausea that came on suddenly and left as suddenly since that time, or perhaps even before then. So, this has been a long time in coming.

However, the last month before the surgery, I was really not doing well. I had to time what I did that day into a two hour window so that I could lay down for the rest of the day. I felt awful, all the time. My back hurt, I had a low grade fever (and I react to fevers easily), my side felt like I had a knife sticking out of it, I was hungry and overfull at the same time, I had to burp... these were all constant problems. I tried to get some stuff done, but I'd get flush and that phantom knife in my side would twist and wrench into more pain, so I'd quickly just go back to bed. I really started to wonder if I'd ever feel better.

Well, now it's one week after my surgery and I've already hung curtains over two large windows downstairs, I've been finally unpacking boxes, I've moved a lot of the junk from the first floor out of the way. I really feel like I've made some headway down there. In other words, I am feeling better than I have in the past month, and possibly for months.

It's not perfect yet... as I said, I am feeling bloated right now from eating too much (one packet of microwave Indian food, btw, so not too much normally), and I do have a few pains from the surgery itself. But the brilliant thing is that I have my energy and motivation back. yay!

So, that's the news on the surgery. I am looking forward to the new job next week, but I'm reluctant to post on that until I've been there long enough to feel it out.

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