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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
PA wine tour, anyone?

I'm thinking of setting up a couple of day trips touring Western Pennsylvania's wines. This would be over the course of one weekend, a Saturday and a Sunday. We'd start out very early on Saturday so we can hit the first winery near Erie at 9am sharp when they open, and meander back towards Pittsburgh hitting several wineries along the way. On Sunday I was thinking we'd hit some local wineries closer to Pittsburgh. I was thinking that early October would be good for this run, since I'm pretty sure the fall leaves are going to come early this year.

Would anyone be interested in this? If so, let me know so that I can start planning for this.

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we might be interested. put us in as a maybe.

Interested. May or may not have $$ to do it, but interested. Check with Mao too.

Tastings in PA are free, required by law. So we'd just be paying for transportation and food options during the day. Well, that and any bottles of wine we may want to pick up on the way. :)

Fun! Visit Conneaut Cellers Winery on your way back down 79. It's good and cheap! http://www.ccw-wine.com/

I think there are more wineries around Grove City too, as well as over the border of Erie into NY.

That is on the list, actually.

I found a web page listing PA wines and their locations. I culled a good run of wineries just following I-79 down from there.

Oh, I'm avoiding leaving the state, btw... I already have an overly ambitious schedule for visiting the wineries!

Which wineries are you considering going to? I've sampled the wares of a goodly few, so the places you intent to hit up will influence my decision.

Saturday will include some of (I'm not sure we have time for all of):

Mazza Vineyards
Arrowhead Wine Cellars
Heritage Wine Cellars
Penn Shore Vineyards
Conneaut Cellars Winery
Wilhelm Winery
Volant Mill Winery

I'm still figuring out where to go on Sunday, if we extend that far. It would be wineries much closer to Pittsburgh (there's a cluster in Butler, and a cluster in Washington).