gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, I left work at 7am, biked a short distance to the bus stop, and
put my bike on the 54C. Got off in Oakland, biked to the 67 bus
stop, and found out the 67 line no longer has bike racks on the
bus... so I just biked to my mom's from there. Which was kinda
neat, I did that every day for a long while (especially the summer
after my senior year of HS when I was working and taking advance
classes at Pitt before going to the University of Utah), and I found
that I could go up Beeler and onto Wilkens almost as well as I did
back then. This was very encouraging. This is also about a 2mile

So, then I get to my mom's house and pass out for 5 hours, got back
up, took a short bath, then flew back out the house on bike to
Shadyside near East Liberty to get to my doc's appt. This, admittedly,
is *mostly* downhill, but it's another 1.5ish miles. I got there
in about 15 minutes, much to my surprise.

Doc appt went fairly well, I'm on some meds for some cysts in the
breasts and will have that checked out soon, then got on bike again
to bike to eyebite's house for the Lunars game... on
the other end of Oakland. Probably another 2ish miles.

Lunars went very well, then I biked into work, another milish.

Lots of biking!

Then all hell broke loose, which interrupted this mail even, so
I am cutting this off here.

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