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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
That's the last time I download stuff from iTunes...

So, I really like Dr Horrible of course. I decided I liked it so much that I should pay for the downloads for two reasons:

1) I can rewatch them at will, even past the free viewing time.
2) I am supporting a model that I think is much more internet appropriate, and I'd like to see more of in the future.

So, the only way to download the episodes was with iTunes. Well, that's been a big fat annoyance so far.

First of all, iTunes didn't apparently have the season pass for all three eps when the first Act was up (I seriously searched for it), but now they do. Thanks guys, I would really have liked this earlier. And, of course, there's no way to upgrade the one ep to a full season pass.

Second of all, and this is much more of a problem, iTunes has this system of registration of computers to watch the content, cept it's broken. I registered my workstation (which does the original downloading) and my laptop when I set up the first episode. Well, I downloaded the second episode from my workstation (an iMac with a static IP and domain name btw), then went to watch it.... and I was told to register the machine? I figured maybe it was ep specific, so I did so again... and was told, "You are now using 3 of 5 of your registrations."

So, I guess by the time I'm done with the series, I'll be out of registrations. What the hell? So much for the iTunes store and my using it after this series is done.

Edit later: after calling Apple, I got it fixed.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of DRM. This is why I tell people to avoid iTunes at all cost.

I understand the DRM issue, fine, whatever.

But when I have to use up two licenses for THE SAME COMPUTER which has NOT BEEN REBOOTED, CHANGED IPS, OR ANY OTHER IDENTIFYING INFO SINCE I REGISTERED IT.... uhm, that's a very serious problem.

But that's the big problem with DRM: when it fails to work right (as it clearly did in your case), guess who's getting screwed? It sure ain't Apple or Joss Whedon.

You're not alone in this, BTW. Some guy posted about this on CHUD.com's forums, like, a week ago or so.

Just to be fair to the iTunes Store -- you can buy non-DRMed music from them. Anything tagged with "iTunes Plus" is DRM-free and a higher bitrate. It's only a portion of the available catalog, though.

I'm not really fond of the iTunes store for videos.

1) the DRM can't-watch-it-anywhere issue.

2) I can't adjust the aspect ratio so I can get a proper appearance on my 16:9 switchable 4:3 TV set. Other video players have a "stretch to 16:9 TV" mode on them, but not this one.

3) When I have it maximized on one monitor, it blacks out the other two monitors. So no watching on one screen while I websurf on another. Thanks a lot guys.

I'll definitely be buying it when it hits DVD (if only for the singing commentary track). But ITMS? Not so much.

It actually worked fine on my cinema display.

I don't regret buying this stuff, for reason #2 that I supplied. I will also buy the DVD. It's just that I wish they'd have figured out an alternative way of supplying the video. :/

Weird. I got the season pass when Act 1 was available, on the first day. Maybe I was lucky enough to look after you did.

If need be, you can reset your registrations once a year, and I would contact Apple's tech support about needing the reregistration on your machine, because that sounds like a bug.

I just saw an Apple kb article about "what if my machine is using more than one registration" and could have told you how to fix it :)

You've been distracted this week. :)