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Now I have a moving deadline..

So, I ran into my landlord this evening. He'd been trying to call me, but had the wrong number (even though I'd given them the new one, sigh). Turns out my apartment is already rented, so I don't have to pay my mortgage and lease at the same time... which is a plus! The minus though... the new tenants want to move in July 26th... er, oops. Now I have a deadline for getting out! (I have to be out before then so that there's time to inspect, etc.)

So! This weekend is it, and the UB is out of town. I NEED HELP AGAIN! This time it's just moving the rest of my stuff out. Most of the books, CDs, computers, and etc have already gone.. what's left is really just random stuff. It'll probably be 2-3 carloads of stuff (I have my mom's SUV for this). Anyone who can show up and help me pack and move these last items and boxes will get free dinner at Double Wide Grill from me!

When? This Saturday July 19th between noon and whenever we finish.

*Everything* must be out of my apartment by the end of Saturday so that I can schedule the maid service to come in and clean it Monday!

Thank you to whomever can help me!!!

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