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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
To Loudtwitter or not to Loudtwitter?

So, a couple of people have complained about tweets going to LJ, though I've gotten comments from people who are not on Twitter but read my tweets on LJ. There was a suggestion to filter, but that's A) too much effort with 150 of you, and B) stupid to keep up on when more and more of you are signing up for twitter every day, so I'm not doing that. Either this is on or off, and you guys get to decide that:

Poll #1223671 To Loudtwitter or not to Loudtwitter?

Should I stop sending my tweets to LJ?


Edit later: After looking at my loudtwitter settings, it's not possible to post to a filter group anyway, so that option is totally null. There's also only so much I can do with it because of the auto-generation aspect.

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The main reason I joined Twitter is the lack of context of Loud twitter was driving me nuts.

You should have put a third option on the poll: "keep them, but put an lj-cut tag in so people who didn't want to "have to" read them could just scroll on past. That's what I do.

The post is auto-generated, so there's only so much I can do with them, by the way.

Yes, and that "so much" includes slapping an <lj-cut text="Click for twitters"> tag in the space that says "text to add at the beginning of the post" field on the LoudTwitter "edit user details" screen.

I looked it up after I commented, and later comments by me say that the "lj-cut idea is a good one". In fact, I've already added that in just in case I keep on loudtwitter.

But, I don't want people to start getting ideas for a lot of fancy posting from loudtwitter, because it just isn't *that* versatile.

Really, how hard is it to just skip an entry. You know what the content will be, so you don't have to read it! OMG sooo hard!

Yeah, leave it on. It was nice before I joined twitter, and honestly, I don't keep up with twitter all that well yet either. So nice backup. Ya know?

It's totally easy to skip an entry. If I find myself skipping someone's entries every day, I put them on my Z filter, which is where all the people who make daily entries that are mostly fluff go. I don't want to do this to gwen, cuz even though she doesn't update often, when she does, I don't like to miss her entries -- but if her loudtwitter entries outnumber her regular ones by 15:2 over the course of a month, it seems like the obvious choice.

Would lj-cut fix that situation? That is possible with loudtwitter settings.


Some of Twitter has replaced my desire to post to LJ, so some of the lack of LJ posting is a result of already having said it somewhere and not feeling like repeating myself.

But, even before Twitter, I just didn't post all that often. Twitter posts daily, so yes, the ratio is going to be skewed towards Twitter; but it's a very predictable time when it posts.

Oh, I'm not saying that you've abandoned LJ for twitter and boo-hoo about that: you did rarely post on LJ, so when you did, it was special, neat, keen! Now, it's... your tweets, which I've probably already read. :)

Personally, a cut tag would make scrolling easier on me, but do whatever you think is best. It's not an OMGGWENISRUININGMYLIFE situation, after all.

Voted to remove 'em, don't care strongly.

Same here. Not because it's "OMG sooo hard" to skip, but because I don't read them, and if you're considering it anyway I would go ahead.

It goes back to part of why I frequently re-read and trim entries, hide parts behind LJ-cut, whatever: I find that the less somebody posts, the more likely I am to read all of what they DO post, and figure others might be the same. I don't want to train my brain to skim/skip your entries...

The loudtwitter is once a day and in a readily identifiable format. Brains are smart enough to be able to filter based on the look of the post, I know that. :p

If I do keep on loudtwitter, I think the lj-cut idea is a good one.

I'm personally not fond of twitter, but I voted "no" 'cause it's your lj and you should do whatever you want with it. :)

This, mostly. I've come to use twitter for the "life updates" sort of thing and LJ as "this is my blog", but that's likely changing soon.

And I just added you to my twitter list. :)

I don't mind them at all, for what it's worth. And, as others said, it's your journal, so you should post what you want to.

This is one of those things where I subscribe to the "if you don't want to read it THEN DON'T READ IT" ideology. If I didn't then I'd end up on no-one's friends/filters list at all as I'd be forever moaning about various posts. But I don't moan, I simply stop reading (or only scan read the rest of) posts that are something I don't actually want to read.

Just to be sure, you have things set to just ship a daily digest of your twitters in one go, right?

Oh, and one thing that is a bit irksome, but I understand it's just how people use Twitter, is the two-way conversations that you see... or rather don't when all you see is one person's side of it (kind of like Wall conversations on Facebook, which I never understood).

It's a daily digest auto-sent to LJ, yes.

I actually had intended to remove anything that started "@person", but the interface for that was a bit confusing, and I ended up turning it on. It's now off, since I've noticed that it wasn't working as I intended.

Although, as a random note.. the way twitter works always reminds me of the old days of Resort when everyone talked to their friends list when talking to one person. :)

I voted to cut them but it your journal and you need to do what you like. Personally I think twitter is a horrible way to keep people informed or involved. All I see from these (and other people's loudtwitter things) are random-esque context free one liners. I can't see the purpose of that. I'm old fashioned though and, in a lot of ways, despise what's being done with the internet.

I don't actually think of twitter as a journalling tool, but more like "Broadcast IM". However, there are things I tell twitter that I want to also tell LJ, and I just don't feel like retelling all over again. That's how I came upon loudtwitter in the first place. :)

Like I said, I don't get twitter. I don't like it. If you do then that's all that really matters.

I'm very neutral, in that I don't like it and will just skip over twitters, but I'm not upset about it.