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  • 11:25 @cfox74 :(
  • 12:42 woo hoo, got an Oklahoma quarter!
  • 14:02 @Roniliquidity Welcome to twitter!
  • 14:15 yay, iPod works again!
  • 14:43 @mightymur Hee, you mentioned The Gothsicles! I have their CD, actually. :)
  • 14:51 @adamjury I was addicted to their music earlier this year.
  • 15:33 It's depressing to look at my student loan account, and realize that in 2.5 years, I've only managed to pay off $3400 of it.
  • 16:19 @thewulf Ugh, that sucks. Yah, at least I've had gradual decrease.. it's just more gradual than I would like.
  • 18:25 Please come quickly 59U!
  • 18:31 I came! It came! I am on the bus!
  • 20:24 @adamjury Only because you're on both LJ and twitter, and have to read both. I find it convenient for the folks who are only on one.
  • 20:24 I am on my deck, the evening is absolutely splendid.
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