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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
me, still poison ivy'd, and help?

So, I'm still with the poison ivy/oak (turns out, it's likely both that got us). In fact, I had to visit the ER on Monday (since all docs were full) to get steroids and anti-biotics. I was so bad, I had to stagger in, I had a fever of 100.7, and my bp was 137/101 (I'm high if it's 120/80). My entire torso is covered in rash, and I do mean "entire". So, yah. The meds are helping though.

So, on a completely different topic, can someone help me with a mac issue? I have this folder that I accidently made very long, past the point of my screen (I confused it with my dual monitors, I think). I can't make it move up so that I can shrink it manually, so at this point it's really hard for me to get at items below the view.

I'd screenshot to better explain what I mean, but that got confused by the HUGE SIZE! Sigh.

Any help from the peanut gallery?

edit next day: So, a system update today apparently fixed the problem entirely. Now the magic "+" button works to fix it. Yay!

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

And sorry about the nasty poison ivy/oak :(

Ouch! I've never gotten poison ivy or oak, but my brother has had to go to ER with it, too, so I know it can be bad. Hope you heal quickly. Yuck.

No ideas on the computer issue, but much, much sympathy on the Poison rash. I have had it, and it is really bad.

I hope you both feel better soon.

Well usually, hitting the green button will resize the window so it fits in the screen.

Have you tried playing with expose' or turning on spaces? also, if you have dual monitors, move the screens around so it fits?

Poison Ivy sucks -- so sorry it happened to you. Soaking in calamine lotion made me feel better when I got it bad a couple summers ago.

I've also experienced the Mac thing I think you're describing; a serious and rage-making design flaw. I was using dual monitors -- a big external monitor plus my laptop screen, moved something from the big screen to the laptop screen, and totally lost all resizing handles and edge-focus on the window from the smaller screen. It's happened more than once and I've fixed it two ways: 1) by going into System Preferences and dicking around with the monitor position visualization; 2) by disconnecting the laptop from the external monitor. (With no signal from the bigger monitor to confuse it, the laptop monitor realized it was on its own and resized the window.)

I'm pretty sure you've fixed your window by now though. Hopefully the poison ivy's all better too.