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me, still poison ivy'd, and help?

So, I'm still with the poison ivy/oak (turns out, it's likely both that got us). In fact, I had to visit the ER on Monday (since all docs were full) to get steroids and anti-biotics. I was so bad, I had to stagger in, I had a fever of 100.7, and my bp was 137/101 (I'm high if it's 120/80). My entire torso is covered in rash, and I do mean "entire". So, yah. The meds are helping though.

So, on a completely different topic, can someone help me with a mac issue? I have this folder that I accidently made very long, past the point of my screen (I confused it with my dual monitors, I think). I can't make it move up so that I can shrink it manually, so at this point it's really hard for me to get at items below the view.

I'd screenshot to better explain what I mean, but that got confused by the HUGE SIZE! Sigh.

Any help from the peanut gallery?

edit next day: So, a system update today apparently fixed the problem entirely. Now the magic "+" button works to fix it. Yay!

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