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House update.

So, I have been living at the new house for the past week now, which is neat, but also a stressor. Whee.

Neat stuff:

1) The bus stop closest to me (and which puts me on a bus that takes me right to my office) is still only a couple of short blocks from me, and has a coffee shop right there if I end up needing to wait a bit.
2) I am those two short blocks from The Southside Works.
3) I've discovered that the house is bigger than I thought. I've been fitting the furniture in without any problem, and already need more (oi!)


1) Contrary to my conditions for buying, the seller didn't actually fix the leak in the jacuzzi. Surprise when I found my downstairs bathroom flooding again! I need to call the home warranty people again, but it's looking likely that my only option is to fix this myself (since it'll be hard to prove that the seller didn't fix it -- we did fill the tub on the final walkthrough and it didn't leak for some reason). Anyone know any good jacuzzi fixer types in Pittsburgh?
2) Sears delivery sucks. I mean, they really suck. Those of you on my Twitter feed have probably been following this, but the long and short of it is... we finally have a fridge in the kitchen... two days after my scheduled delivery date, and having delivered it ourselves. My throat is hoarse from my final two hour *discussion* I had with one of their customer service guys about this matter last night.
3) Oh. My. God. Do. I. Have. A. Lot. Of. Stuff. I will be moving for the next month, likely.

Ok, that's it for the update now. Welcome me to the joys and trials of being a homeowner! I must be off to take the UB to the airport and then go shopping for necessary things for the house (like, uh, curtains).

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