gwen (gwenix) wrote,

End of the insurance saga...

By the way, I am going to continue coverage by being put on my mom's policy in the interim. So I do have a solution to this, but it seems to me like it's a poor one as a general case (what about people who don't have parents they can go to with this problem, for instance?)

To address this point, though, the agent's solution other than going on my mom's policy (which she also handles, so that was easy) was to reduce my coverage to minimum coverage, but leave it attached to the last vehicle I owned. This is also the solution I was offered the last time I did something like this.

The problem I have is that.... I don't care about the money spent in this interim, I'm more worried about still having any responsibility attached to a vehicle I no longer own. So while this "solution" is technically available, I found it less than suitable and also half-assed of the insurance industry.
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