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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
I love rhetoric... really.

Although he suspended troop withdrawals, Bush tried to assure the nation that they might resume. "While this war is difficult, it is not endless..."

I'd just like to point out that since there has been no end to the war, and since there is no end actually given, the war is, at this point in time, "endless".

Oh wait! I'm wrong! Dubya did declare the end to the war way back when on that aircraft carrier! So, in fact, the war is not "endless"... we're, uhm, just buffer overflowing or something.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

Don't you remember, he said someone else put up that banner. He as the lowly president of the US had no control over which banners were placed behind him whilst on national TV.

Hmm, best not to think of it as a buffer overflow. After all, imagining the US administration as poorly-written C++ is defeatist, mullah-loving terrorist talk.

Just imagine it as part 5 of a trilogy. It's not endless; it's just that the authors don't know when to stop. Just think of all those poor congress members who are relying on the sequels to keep their investment portfolios flush.

(By the way, even Powell is saying to close Guantanamo Bay these days.)

Um, by that logic, my life is endless, the sandwhich I'm eating is endless, and so is my current trip to Boston.

Your life may well be endless, we don't know yet. That sandwich you were eating was likely not endless, because you were (supposedly) planning to finish it soon. Your trip to Boston clearly had an end point already determined, so was not endless.