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So, why did we vote against DeSantis?

So, the big reason I heard intelligent people make the argument against DeSantis was about how he was for merging the counties. Let's not vote for the smart guy with some tough ideas for change in our city, let's stay with the proven to be inept mayor because he won't try to merge us! Well, guess what? Ravenstahl supports merging the city and county.

Yes, folks, this is what you get when you vote in a puppet. He'll do exactly what you don't want him to do.

Yah, I know this is a bitter post, but I was bitter about that election. Pittsburgh just cannot seem to get rid of bad mayors, and it's always for reasons which are later disproven, like this one.

I'll point out now that I distiinctly remember Murphy (who was proven to be not only inept, but corrupt at that point) was re-elected because his opponent was rumoured to be worse..... and his opponent? The now hailed Bob O'Connor, who finally did get elected, but too late when his illness took him away within a few short months.

We really need to quit with the stupdity here. Seriously. It's just going to keep repeating itself.

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