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The entire dream is drawn in a very anime style, specifically the style used for Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, Ghost Hunt, or Noein.

They were moving to a new city.

Kotori-chan had always wanted to run her own restaurant; her husband and she had been saving money to start that up for years. Her noodles were the best in the nation, her husband would say, we must give you that restaurant. So when they saw the small noodle shop, left empty and selling cheap, and the attached two-tier house they could live in with their young daughter Uroku, they knew it was time to start that dream.

They set up in the new house, but Uroku's impression of the place was not as positive as her parents. She felt there was something just not right about the place. Her parents attributed these fears to not wanting to change, though.

But still, Uroku saw things. At first they were just hints, impressions. The corner of the wall seemed to move about, waver sometimes. Or the ceiling would give hints of voices, sometimes a low deep voice, sometimes many mournful or scared voices, all female.

The deep voice started to be more prominent, though. It started talking to her, telling her how much it loved her. How beautiful she was. How lonely she seemed. Then she started to see its face come out of the wall when it talked to her. She became more and more brave, and one day she approached it.

Kotori-chan returned from a successful day selling noodles at the restaurant, and called out to her daughter to help her bring in some of the dishes for cleaning. Only, this time Uroku did not answer. Silly child, she's finally reached the age of independence, Kotori thought, and called out more urgently for her daughter... but only silence answered.

Kotori now became worried, then scared. She called her husband in from the restaurant where he'd been counting the day's receipts. They both set out about the house trying to find their daughter. Uroku! Uroku! But there was no answer.

After the police had gone, assuring the parents that their child had probably run off and would return soon, Kotori and her husband decided to sleep in shifts, in case their daughter returned in the middle of the night. When it was Kotori's turn to watch for her daughter, she decided to stay in her daughter's room to keep the vigilant eye about.

And that's when she started to hear her daughter's voice.

Uroku! Where are you?

Here I am, Mother.

Where, I can't see you!

I am here.

Then Kotori saw her outline very clearly coming from the wall. Uroku's voice was coming from this outline, very calm and precise, a contrast to her words.

Hurry, Mother. I am starting to fade.

Uroku! Please! Come back to me!

I cannot.

And with that, her outline faded. Kotori ran to her husband, crying, and told him what she had seen. You were just asleep, he complained. You were hearing only your dreams. Our daughter will return when she is hungry. Come here, I will hold you while you sleep peacefully.

Kotori curled up on the bed, but did not sleep, even when her husband did. She could not stop thinking of her daughter's outline in the wall. Then, suddenly, she saw a different outline in the wall, a face, and a deep voice with it.

I am the one who is hungry.

Kotori tried to scream, but she could not. She tried to move, to alert her husband, but she could not. Then, gently, she felt her body start to float in the air, then move slowly towards the wall. It was so white, and suddenly very bright. She moved into the light...

Her husband awoke to see her body's last absorption into the wall, and he knew he had been wrong. The house was indeed haunted. He started to scream.


Give them back to me!

Give me back Uroku and Kotori!


This is where I awoke, I was uttering his last words as I awoke, "give me back my wife." I panicked then, and wondered what the UB was thinking about my words, but he was soundly asleep, having never heard me. Then I lay there and wondered for quite a while where that dream really came from.

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