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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
So, Renaissance City Choir stuff...

For those who aren't familiar, the Renaissance City Choirs of Pittsburgh are our local GLBT choirs. I sing for the women's choir. Well, this week we were told that a major source of funding for the choir has dried up, and now they are uncertain if they can pay our pianist or director (both are fantastic and wonderful). So, we need help.

The easiest way is by donation, of course. You can send any money to help with the organization to:

Renaissance City Choirs
c/o East Liberty Presbyterian Church
116 South Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

But for those of you who would like to try out something more fun, there's an annual Valentine's Day Gala, which includes dinner, dancing, and an auction. Here's the "flyer" for it:

Sadly, I'll be in Philly for this, or I'd attend. However, I am donating chocolate and wine to their "wall of wine table" they include in the auction.

Lastly, we're having our spring concert at the Ellis school May 16 and 17 (Friday and Saturday). I'd like to be able to get blocks of tickets for friends who can attend this, so take this note as a Save the Date for that weekend.

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Gwen -- I'm going to mark this in my calendar now for the May shows. I would love to attend. RCC is such a wonderful organization. I wish I had the cash right now for the love and laughter .. that love package would be wonderful right now... hubby and i so need an adult evening togehter!