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Tired. So tired. Very very tired.

My hyper-exhaustion is permeating my being so completely, I'm not
sure I could even sleep at this point. My eyes feel like someone
plucked the eyeballs out for a Visine commercial, including all
outtakes by Ben Stein, then returned without any of the product
they were selling. Meanwhile, someone decided the bags under them
weren't supportive enough, so double bagged them. My back sounds
like 20 whips being cracked in near unison whenever I try to sit
straight up. And I'm in post-con mini-depression. I no longer am
surrounded by people, have stuff to do at all times, places to be.
Well, actually, I do, but it's more routine again.

I know that anytime I tried sleeping yesterday, I'd start to sink
into a deep slumber, awakening with a start just as I hit REM. The
most solid block of sleeping time was about three hours, but my
body was still jumping around the whole time.

When I get home in an hour, I will so be popping melatonin and
dropping the blanket over my window again. All alarms turned off!


And yes, Origins was worth every moment of this torture. I hope
that h2k2 holds up to the same standard, for I will go through this
again next week.

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