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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
hmmm, update on me, I guess.

I just realized I haven't posted anything actually personal in a while, so here goes:

I was sick last weekend. Like, I got the fever that's going around, and it spawned a secondary infection in my sinuses. On Tuesday evening last week, I finally ended up in the ER because I had *severe* vertigo and a bad headache. One catscan later, I got antibiotics and a diagnosis of "sinusitis". Woo. Fortunately I respond well to antibiotics, and was merely dizzy the next day. (I'm still a bit off balance now, but pretty much close to normal.)

The holiday season has started, I officially sung my first holiday concert for Light Up Night last Friday. It went well, and it was a special one for me because Kestin and her family were in attendance. :)

Ab Kestin! She's finally officially adopted by Marianne as of last Thursday. Yay! I got to go to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh with Marianne, Cindy, Linda, and Kestin and had a great time. If you want to see pictures of that, let me know. We also all had dinner on Saturday at my mom's house, adding Ben, Kathy, Sheryl, and Rob to the mix. All went well.

For those of my friends who haven't known, Kathy (my sister in law) is due imminently, so we're just now waiting for the phone call from her or my brother to say she's in labor. She expects that the child will be late, since first babies almost always are -- I'll be heading out to 5eh's place for Thanksgiving weekend, but may have to cut the time short if I get the phone call. I'm operating under the assumption that this won't be necessary until it is, though.

On Sunday I went to DuBois and Cresson, PA with the UB and jalexlang and friends of Alex's to take pictures of trains. What I didn't realize was just how much snow landed out there... I didn't get any pictures of the countryside we drove through that was just covered in snow (all trees too), which I'm sorry about. But it was getting too dark by the time we drove through that area to really capture it, alas. But I had fun! I'll post pictures of that expedition and previous train taking expeditions soon enough. I have a few up on Flickr now, which I did post earlier.

So, that's about it for my life right now. Perhaps I'll post about it all again sometime next year. :)

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geez - now I guess I'll have to stop slacking and post.

Yay personal updates. Sorry to hear about the sinus infection, but it's great to hear so much other happy news. Especially good to hear that the adoption is all official at long last and that you had a nice visit with everyone. And yay for your sister-in-law and brother.

Oh, and I would love to see pictures. She's so cute!

Glad you are doing well. I would love to see Kestin's pics -- I was actually on her blog last night! The dress you sent for her is gorgeous.

I know what you mean about posting... I almost feel like I have to but after last year, just maintaining the status quo seems insignificant.

H. Klinton.

H. Klinton vs Obama. How you think who will win elections?