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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]

Edit later: After many coworkers corrected me, I reprinted the sign to be, "I CAN HAS COZTUME!!!" with written in "lol!!!"s around it. I'm not bothering to retake the picture though, it's the same thing, just different spelling.

Edit again: OK, I lied. I took a pic with the new sign.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic


It's all Alice's idea!

Gwen ...

I <3 you :) Great costume!!


And just a really nice picture of you. You look great.

It's the webcam on the new iMac on my desk, it seems to always make me look good.. I think the position and lighting and low-res combination just seems to work in my favor. :)

shhhh. you're just pretty. honest.

& that's a super-cute costume :)

omg, so cute :-)



very cute:) I love the whiskers!

Hey, are you coming out to the beer party with us tonight?

dunno, i might hold out for partying till friday and just get work done tonight.

what are the details for tonight's thing? where, when, etc, etc

5151 Penn Ave, the party starts at 8pm, but we'll probably get there around 9:30pm. $15 with costume, $20 without. Details are here.

ahahaaha! Win!

Your eyes are especially lovely and cat-like in that first pic there :-D
(Awesome costume XD)

Yah, that's why I'm leaving the first pic up. I can't quite get the same expression of, "OK, fine, here's the picture already."

Totally badass. :)