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Origins stories, part next

So, Thursday night, yukon_jack, James, James' gf, slog, Alex, DanQ, BA, and I all go to the Italian place by the convention center (yes, I always forget its name). The meal was fun, while we were there, Todd (friend of Pooka's and mine) sits down at the table next to us, so I got to give him hugs hello. At some other point, a group is being walked in the door and their host points back to our table and says, "That corner is filled with gamers!" And I was so tired from no sleep for two days that the minimal wine and lemon drop thing with dinner (in addition to what we'd had at the bar waiting for people) was enough to adequately send me into the territory between tipsy and sloshed.

Now, in front of the Hyatt there were these poles on joints so that they would bounce around like waving sticks. So, walking back, I'm drunk, these look like good punching bags to me, so I threw a punch at one. Harder than I'd intended, in fact it was pretty much full force punch. And it connected..... with my ring. The ring I can't get off my finger too...

So, the finger swelled up that night, felt bruised for a day, but then seemed to calm back down, yay! Well, now I guess it's taken another turn for the worse because it looks kinda infected, argh. Good thing I have a doctor's appt on Thursday already!

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