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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
random updates...

So, it's Kestin's birthday today, 1 year old! To my surprise, I got flowers from the moms at my office, so sweet!

As an update to the Double Wide Grill situation, they'd had an electrical problem which required turning off the electricity. One of the kitchen mooks decided that to deal with the overabundance of smoke that was then a problem due to the fans being turned off meant that he should take out a few of the fans from the overhead vents. When the electrician turned back on the electricity to test out his side of things, the sudden imbalance of fans up the vents meant that some pulled heat faster than others... and the tremendous amount of heat then in the flues caught something on fire inside of them.

The estimate for getting the kitchen back up and running is 2 weeks to a month (from last night I think). The bar is still open, which is how I got this info -- stopped by for a drink after the $5 movie night at Southside Works. I'm sad it's not around, but at least it'll come back quickly.

I also went to the Steel City Big Pour over the weekend (lots of beer and food!), and talked to one of the guys manning the Harris Grill booth about when they're supposed to be finished repairing the fire damage there. February is a very ambitious goal for being back in operations, they said... so I'll make the guess that it'll be sometime next spring when we get bacon night again. Ah well.

I'm still avoiding my iPhoto problem -- it's irritated me too much, so I haven't dealt with it. However, I did get more pictures over the weekend (day trip to Ohio), so I suspect I'll want to work on this and get my pictures online again soon. I'll of course post links to them when I do.

Anyway, that's the update for now.

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Aww. How nice of Kesint's mommies to send flowers. You did provide a pretty cute kiddo, there, though. Wow, she's almost as adorable as mine are!

Glad to hear your favorite eateries are making progress on the post-fire repairs.

And, sorry, I just can't type. Kesint? How did I even do that?

I read typo, I type it fluently too!

I suspect your fingers were going faster than your eyes at that point. At least, that's usually how I end up with a letter transplaced.

happy birthmommyversary!