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Playlist from our DJ night!

I'm putting it behind cut tags, since it's long. But here's the full playlist from our DJing. My stuff is in bold.

Nick Cave - Hallelujah
Peter Murphy - Indigo Eyes
Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love (Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza)
Kate Bush - Jig of Life
Shriekback - Nemesis
Bauhaus - Passion of Lovers
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Acrosss a Thousand Blades (' 96)
Faith and the Muse - Hand of Man
New Model Army - Wonderful Way to Go
Concrete Blonde - Walking in London
Rasputina - Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes
Switchblade Symphony - Clown

Xenocanon - Bargain Hunter
Snog - Corporate Slave
Mindless Faith - Momentum
System Syn - Tracing Veins (Club mix)
Imperative Reaction - Further to Fall
Decoded Feedback - Bio-Vital (Fictional remix)
Ivory Frequency - Today
Unter Null - Your Nightmare (Grendel mix)
Combichrist - Lying Sack of Shit

Modulate - Skullfuck
Hellbent - 3 Murders, 3 Nights
Noisuf-X - Hit Me Hard
(RA) Chemlab - Blunt Force Trauma
(RA) Blutengel - Black Roses 2007
(RS) Faderhead - Mono Man
Panzer Ag - Machinegun GoGo
Rotersand - Don't Know
Icon of Coil - Shelter
Funker Vogt - Killing Fields
Hocico - Forgotten Tears

Fractured - Only Human Remains
(RA) VNV Nation - Epicentre
(RS) Assemblage 23 - Let Me Be Your Armor
Covenant - Ritual Noise
Mind in a Box - Lost Alone
(RS) Pride and Fall - Angel
Project Pitchfork - Existence (VNV Nation remix)
Flesh Field - Uprising
This Morn' Omina - One-Eyed Man
The Retrosic - Antichrist
Neuroticfish - They're Coming to Take Me Away

Stromkern - Stand Up (Radio Edit)
Sneaky Bat Machine - Boneshaker
Spahn Ranch - Heretic's Fork
(Request) Skinny Puppy - Testure
Nine Inch Nails - Ringfinger (Welcome to the Hate Machine version)
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
The Cure - A Forest (Tree mix)
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Overground
(Request) TRS-80 - Everyday is Halloween
Das Ich - Destillat
(Request) OhGr - Pore
Crüxshadows - Winterborn (Subway to Sally mix)
Coil - Love's Secret Domain

Suicide Commando - Face of Death (Blind Rage)
Aslan Faction - Event Decay (Feindflug mix)
Aesthetic Perfection - Living the Wasted Life
Culture Kultur - Time Wave
(RA) Zombie Girl - Creepy Crawler
E-Craft - Revolts Blood v.1.0
Slick Idiot - NY Boogie
Adraculoid - Lifeless Eyes
Amduscia - Fucking Flesh
Stromkern - Im Traum
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Ich Bin Uber Ales
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