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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Your child may be playing in traffic!!!

So watch our news program instead of actually paying attention to them!!!!

Yah, I'm sleep deprived at this point, was up too late last night, and just watched some bad broadcast news ads. But, wanted to recap from last night...

DJing last night was a lot of fun. I went in nervous, since it's been a long time since I've been behind an actual mixing board. But it turns out that working with one is much like riding a bike -- it only took me a few songs before I lost all nerves and just plain had fun mixing the songs.

And I found that I really had fun trying to think up what songs flowed from which. I kept making a stack of "upcoming" CDs which I'd push and pull items into and out of as requests came in, or my mood on how to change the flow of the music went. I really had fun.

Oh, also, totally surprising to me (I know beeporama wanted to know about this), Shiny Toy Guns' "Le Disko" actually got a lot of people onto the dance floor. Since it's not a big Ceremony hit -- in fact, I'm not sure how many people there would have ever heard it -- I figured it'd fall flat. But the kids came out dancing in droves, so I was glad to see it.

Also, my brother did an *excellent* job. He really learned beat mixing well (I don't even claim to do that, I just claim to do sound mixing.. :), and it shows. Also, the dancing kids really responded well to his music, and I went out dancing a lot too! (This would be why I'm so tired now.)

Thanks to everyone who showed up! And for those who couldn't make it, there'll be a set list coming out at some point, even if I have to pester Jim to send it to me directly. Yay!

In other, less happy news, I sliced off a big piece of skin off my right middle finger struggling with a key ring Friday night, so typing is painful now. Ow!

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

Thanks for the kind words! I thought you were doing a great job as well! :)

Just to add to your note about Shiny Toy Guns - one thing I really appreciated about the Ceremony crowd was that they responded to a lot of stuff that wasn't in the regular Ceremony rotation. I checked out posted playlists ahead of time, and noticed that a few staples of the South Bay didn't show up at all at Ceremony, so I threw a couple in, to see how people responded. I also threw in some stuff that I've never heard anyone spin. It didn't seem to matter - if it was danceable, people were dancing to it! That made the night a great deal of fun :)

...Oddly enough, I've been listening to Le Disko a LOT since I randomly encountered it a few months ago. I'd no idea if it was or wasn't popular... very surprised to see it mentioned specifically :-D

I wish I could've been there :-P

Le Disko was a big hit on the alternative station in Columbus a few months ago. They've moved onto "You are the one" off the same album at this point though. But I have always figured Le Disko was a perfect goth club hit, seeing the video only reinforced that idea.

Oh, also, the Shiny Toy Guns concert was really good. :)