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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
iPhoto woes...

I think I found a limit with iPhoto at 2500 images in the library. As in, I have 2436 images in the library now, and when I go to try to import another 100 images, it hangs pretty badly. A bit of googling shows that there is a limit that is undocumented, but it looks like 2500 is the magic number. Whee.

So, yah, I need to prune out my library a bit before I can deal with the new pics from the past week (Brandon visit, Marybeth/Marc wedding, trains, etc). I'll do that over the next week and post when I can. Sorry about the delay!

Oh, and, yes I know there are ways to do multiple libraries, and I downloaded an app to do that for me... but then I realized that I really do like having everything in one library for a whole lot of reasons. So, I'll just prune and deal with it over time.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

I've been at over 2700 for a good while now. What's your iPhoto version? I have 6.0.6 (not ilife08)

Same version, so I guess it's not that. So, then, weird. I wonder why it's hanging then.

check your syslog and see if you are throwing IO errors. You could be hitting bad block on your disk. Its unlikley but that is what happened to me and it showed similar behaviour.

I'm well past 6,000 images and accelerating, with no performances issues at all. Have you tried forcing a rebuild of your library?

Yah, I did that right away, actually. No change.