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iPhoto woes...

I think I found a limit with iPhoto at 2500 images in the library. As in, I have 2436 images in the library now, and when I go to try to import another 100 images, it hangs pretty badly. A bit of googling shows that there is a limit that is undocumented, but it looks like 2500 is the magic number. Whee.

So, yah, I need to prune out my library a bit before I can deal with the new pics from the past week (Brandon visit, Marybeth/Marc wedding, trains, etc). I'll do that over the next week and post when I can. Sorry about the delay!

Oh, and, yes I know there are ways to do multiple libraries, and I downloaded an app to do that for me... but then I realized that I really do like having everything in one library for a whole lot of reasons. So, I'll just prune and deal with it over time.

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