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I think I'll just post Origins stories as I tell them..

gwen> In Amul's Exalted game (which I really should describe soon
anyway) .. at some point one of the players was meditating on the
"space between the arrow releasing, and the arrow flying" ... adn
then said, "it's kinda like schroedinger's cat with a twist"
gwen> Amul said, "That's a drink name!" and scribbled it down.
Bruce> Gwen, :)
gwen> Later that night is the Dog Party, so Amul and I look at the
alchohol supply to see if we can come up with the drink. After one
attempt, we decided the drink couldn't be made with what we had,
HOWEVER, what we did make was somewhat tasty (cept in Justin's
gwen> but I had no name.
gwen> So I'm on the second one of these, passed it to Geoff for him
to taste, and he promptly gets up and wanders off
gwen> a few minutes later, I realize he still has my drink (yes,
the first drink had already gotten me drunk) .. so I run off to
find him...
gwen> I did, and as I returned with drink, Sarah stops me and
mentions that my drink had hugged four people, "It's such a slut!!"
gwen> and thus, the name of the drink was born. :)
gwen> I made everyone take sips of all three sluts I made too. :)
izzylobo> Heh. Okay, so what's in it?
gwen> two parts Faygo "Moon Mist" (the blue), one part tonic, splash
of mountain dew, and 3 parts vodka.

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