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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
DC this coming weekend...

Hey, we're going to see the White Stripes this coming weekend in DC, I was wondering who all will be around for hanging outs while we're out there.

Also, can anyone house us, or should we find a hotel room? No biggie if we should get a room, it's just more fun to stay with people.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

Hey, you going to be around the Sunday/Mon after Gen Con? The 19-20?

Probably. At the very least, I'll be around on Monday, since I work that day!

How many people?

I can ask the roommates but I'm not sure as it might be too short notice for them.

Just the two of us, and we compact onto one bed.

Let me check tonight. What nights would you need to crash? Where is the concert?

The concert is on Saturday in Fairfax, though on Sunday we were going to head to Cockeysville, MD to visit my aunt.... so, we'll be driving places either way. :)

Saturday night we'll definitely need crash space. We were originally going to come down on Friday night as well, but there's something brewing which may keep me in Pittsburgh that night. Will see.

At the Carver Center? Hah. That's like two miles down the road from my place. Straight shot to GMU.

I think I can pitch "crash Saturday night" with few problems. When does the concert end? I will be out until around midnight that evening. I'm not sure how much hanging out we'll be able to do but at the very least you will likely have a place to sleep. :)

At the "Patriot Center", if that's different. The concert is due to start at 7:30pm, which means it will probably be done somewhere between 11pm and midnight -- how long it takes us to get out of the parking lot is another story. While I don't think we'll have to wait 2 hours, like after the Police this past weekend, I'm sure it'll be at least half an hour. :)

Yah, if we can stay with you Saturday night, that would RULE. I was even just missing the hell out of you during Origins, it'd be great to see you!!

Sure thing, that's the place. Right down the road. :) What's you (and guest's) opinion on karaoke bars?

Funny enough, my other friend who lives in Fairfax introduced me to karaoke... :)

Yabut I bet the comment was about me. I am fine with em though I don't promise to sing:)

You're on for crashing Saturday night. Drop me a line at the email address in my profile.