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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]

So, I went and looked at the iPhone, and it is pretty. But... it has two major drawbacks that meant I have like no desire for it:

1) No ssh. For the non-unix inclined out there, ssh is how I do my work. I might be able to overlook this if the phone could connect to my laptop for ssh-able intarnets, but I saw nothing on there to support that too.

2) For aesthetic purposes, the "I" key was very clearly shortened, which meant that every time I tried to press "I", I actually got "O". Given that thumbpads already piss me off*, I knew this was no good for me.

So, yah, I decided that the iPhone was indeed very pretty, but not terribly useful for me.

Apparently, though, this guy had a much stronger reaction to the iPhone. And while I don't really think the Nokia rulez ZOMG, or the iPhone is *that* objectionable... the way he elucidates his opinion made me laugh very hard.

* On a good keyboard, I type something like 120 words per minute. When my tools inhibit my typing speed, I get really irritated, because it's suddenly distracting. In fact, my current keyboard is pissing me off, because it's tough and it squeaks. Yah, I know. I'm picky.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic

I'll take Derrick's Treo.

The Treo does indeed have most of what the iPhone has on it... except the wireless part. The iPhone is nice for the wireless in addition to cell data lines. The iPhone also has a much more easily read screen.

But, yah, I'd probably opt for the Treo over the iPhone at this point in time because of pssh and the ability to provide internet to a laptop. Though, I like my Palm TX -- it's not got a data line, but I can live without that.

Really, I like that the iPhone is pretty. I could show off my pretty pictures on that.... cept that with its limited memory, I'd then lose in being able to have music on it at the same time. The lack of ssh really does kill my interest for it, sadly.

There's an ssh shell out there; dunno how good it is.


I've seen other web-based ssh shells in the past, usually used for getting past company firewalls. They're interesting, and useful for necessity, but usually leave a lot to be desired.

It's not really targeted at you, at least in this iteration, I don't think. I think it's mostly for rich kids who do a lot of TXTing and don't want to carry a separate gadget for their music...

Actually, given the response, it's targetted at the 20-30 something geeks who want something cool. The "Chocolate" phone is for the kids who do a lot of txting and want to put their music on their phone too.

Sounds plausible. Still not you... I don't think you're the type to go for bells and whistles with a patina of cool rather than something simply functional.

Hee, yah. At least if I'm spending that much money, I first ask, "Is this practical for me?" If the answer is "no," well, that solves that!

Everyone I know who has one is an old college classmate in some manner of geeky industry. Overall, everyone's verdict is: not perfect, but better than their old phone.