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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
About Transformers...

So, yah, I know it's supposed to start on July 4th, but apparently my neighborhood theater started playing it early. So, just went to see it....

Synopsis (sans spoilers) review:

1) absolutely horrible character development.
2) there is a total lack of acting abilities, though I'm not sure how much of this was due to bad direction and/or editing.
3) plot? what plot? no really, everything was obvious.

However, I'm glad I saw it. Why?

1) Dude, GIANT F***ING ROBOTS!!! I mean, seriously, GIANT F***ING ROBOTS!!!
2) Also, there's a certain amount of sentmentality involved in seeing the Transformers; and it's clear the movie was targetting the mid 20's-early 30's market. And really, the original show wasn't of the best quality, but that wasn't the point.
3) Oh, it has a lot of amusing moments, I did laugh a lot.

So, yah, my advice: If you get sad about spending money on a movie that is lacking in plot, characterization, and/or acting, then don't spend money on this movie. If you absolutely adored the Transformers as a kid (and continue to do so), go see this movie! Most likely, you who are on my list are probably some combination of the two things; so I actually advise deciding how much money you want to throw at your sentimentality and live with it. :)

OK, fine, I do have one huge criticism though. They showed a bit that was supposed to be video from the Mars Rover before it went dead, and it seriously looked like some ITT Tech student's final project. That got a C. Like, roniliquidity's final project from the Art Institute was way better than what was on that clip... and she was just one lonely student trying to get something done before a deadline in a few weeks; you'd think that the movie would have *several* digital animators trying to get something done before a deadline in a few weeks!

The rest of the animation was not nearly so crude, which made that one clip all the more jarring, really.

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Do you realize that you've posted more in the past 24 hours than you have in months? :)

Yah, I've actually had something to say recently.

Btw, you're apparently the production designer for Transformers.

Yeah, I see my name in movies all the time. I also have a road down in MD, going over top I68.

Compared to what I expected, the plot was great. The characters were not as cardboard as I expected either.

I much enjoyed the movie. For Transformers material, I think they did an excellent job.

Yeah, what the hell was with the Mars Rover clip, anyway? The rest of the animation was so good!

I am moderately annoyed by Bumblebee's model change, but only moderately so. Otherwise, woo, GIANT ROBOTS! FIGHTING BATTLES! ALSO LOTS OF ACTION CHASE SEQUENCES WITH CARS AND PLANES! YES! !!!!