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I really dislike drunk driving.

So, I had to call 911 on someone tonight.

OK, I should backtrack to the start of the story. I was driving back home out of Homestead, just about to get on Carson St, when an SUV in front of me starts swerving around on the road very badly. So badly, I blare on the horn to get his (using "his" as gender neutral, dunno what the gender actually was) attention, because I figured he was messing with the stereo or something. Like, the swerve was that extreme.

Next thing I know, he almost careens into some bus at the yield sign, then stops for far too long at the end of the ramp as though he expected another car to be coming out of nowhere. Then I start to see soda bottles flying out of the car, and a cardboard box. Just, randomly, thrown around. Also, he's still swerving around in the road. At this point, I decided that perhaps I should remain farther behind than necessary, which is good because ....


Like, seriously, just swiped it as I watched in pure horror. Fortunately, he didn't do anything more than swipe it, so didn't spin out or roll over or anything else that would have created a problem for me, being behind him, or worse, for the oncoming traffic. In fact, he barely even seems to notice he swiped the side, except for some over-correcting of the steering that happened (which almost sent him into said oncoming traffic).

It was about this point I decided that 911 should know about him. While I'm on the phone with them, we get into a bit of traffic, forcing us all to slow down (and him to swerve a bit less), so I could read off his license plate to them in addition to the make, model, color of the car. And just after I get off the phone with them, we get to a stop light... and some passenger (there was a passenger in that vehicle????) opens the door to check out the damage from the sideswipe... the first time I find out they did, in fact, notice that bit. But then they continue on anyway.

I dunno what happened to them after that, because I turned off onto Sarah St to go home shortly thereafter. All I know is that I am now sitting at home, with a shitload of adrenaline rushing through my system.

And here is where I make an assumption based on that driving: Gawddamn do I hate drunk drivers. I really hate them. I hates them so much.

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