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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
me, in California next week.

I arrive in SJC at 9:23pm on Saturday (May 5th), I leave SJC again on the following Sunday (May 13th). I want to hang out with you folks out there! Please, send me email or comment here with any thoughts or ideas on what to do that week.

Most specifically, I would like to get some sort of gathering together somewhere on Friday, May 11th. I need ideas on where to put this!

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Current Music: Rutter - Sanctus - Mass of the Children

Are you going to LayerOne?

Newp, just going out there for vacation.

Also, it looks like LayerOne is near LA; I will be in San Francisco/San Jose area.

KFOG Kaboom! looks incredible Out our back window. (I'm just saying)

Oh, and anyone who can read this is welcome as well. :)

Yay! Fireworks!

Actually, you having a party might mean I don't need a gathering on Friday... hmmmm.....


Well, I don't want to throw a monkey-wrench into your plans, but if it makes things easier, we'd love to see you! :-)

...A point of clarification (for folks reading about it here), the party is Saturday.

Just yesterday, I said to Chris "Hey, when is Gwen coming back out here again? It's soon, right?"

Anyways... I have a friend in town from this Saturday through Wednesday, so ideally we should hang out maybe after that, but earlier in the week is ok too if that's better for you.

650-274-7827 is still my cell.

Yay, got it! Later today I'll try to text you from my cell so that you have my number.

(By "try" I mean try to remember. I expect to be uber-busy today.)

If you want to have lunch or dinner at the googleplex, call me. 412-512-4654