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Best. Spam. Ever.

I just thought this spam was great. I redacted the urls and email information so that I'm not feeding their advertising more, it's the content that got me.

From: Bureau of Morality - Year 0000 Search [email redacted]

To: gwenix@gmail
Date: 26 Mar 2007 22:38:11 -0700

[initialize: dcs1000 v24.5.3]
[identified: url redacted]
[identified: url redacted]
[identified: url redacted]
||||| date-time failure |||||
[resume search]
[identified: gwenix@gmail]
[end trace]



The Bureau of Morality has identified you as A CONSUMER OF DISSIDENT MATERIAL.

This is a one time warning.  Any further attempts to view, consume, or distribute un-american content will result in the loss of citizenship increments and/or the imposition of fines, penalties, or imprisonment.

You have choices.  Make the RIGHT ones.

For further information on making good choices, visit [url redacted]


Bureau of Morality
One Nation Under God

Edit later: Bah, I've just been told this is actually NIN new album advertisment. Well, that makes it much less entertaining. I want real spam that randomly shows up telling me I'm UN-AMERICAN!

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