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Diplomacy by email?

Is anyone up for Diplomacy by email? I'd just GM and manage the setup, so I'm looking for players. I have one spot filled already, so I'm looking for six more players, first come, first serve. Either leave a message at the beep (comment below) or send me email: gwenix [at] I'll have to give preference by how it lands in my inbox of course, so hopefully it won't be an issue of direct email vs comments forwarding (all comments to my LJ are put in my inbox too).

How I'm planning to set it up: I have a board, a digital camera, access to mailing list administration, and a website. I'll just manage everything, I will not get involved except to do administratia and help out with rules negotiations (if that ends up being necessary). Administratia means rules collections, ML setup, website updating, and taking pictures of the board as the turn changes.

Let me know if you'd like in!
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