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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Diplomacy by email?

Is anyone up for Diplomacy by email? I'd just GM and manage the setup, so I'm looking for players. I have one spot filled already, so I'm looking for six more players, first come, first serve. Either leave a message at the beep (comment below) or send me email: gwenix [at] gmail.com. I'll have to give preference by how it lands in my inbox of course, so hopefully it won't be an issue of direct email vs comments forwarding (all comments to my LJ are put in my inbox too).

How I'm planning to set it up: I have a board, a digital camera, access to mailing list administration, and a website. I'll just manage everything, I will not get involved except to do administratia and help out with rules negotiations (if that ends up being necessary). Administratia means rules collections, ML setup, website updating, and taking pictures of the board as the turn changes.

Let me know if you'd like in!

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"Me, me, meeeee!"

Okay... how do you play?

You're in! Email me the email address you want to use, and I'll add that to the ML. I"m going to figure out how to get the rules out to all the players when we start, either via the ML or via the web site, but make sure I'm doing so without breaking any copyright laws or whatnot.

The rules are simple anyway. It's mostly "attack, defend, or assist an attack." The most of the play is in the wheeling and dealing between the turn actions.

Wikipedia's entry on Diplomacy, the Board Game has a good introduction to the game.

Ah ha! Even better, Avalon Hill has a rulebook on the web already!

Okay, I'm on it! Let me know when you want to start playing.

Should I use your yahoo email address for the mailing list?

Yes, that would be purr-fect (a la Eartha Kitt).

Whee! (cgarrod@gmail.com)

I'd have to learn the rules of the game, but I would be interested.

The rules are actually pretty simple, I'll make sure to go over them on the ML when we have all the players added in. The rulebook is helpfully on Avalon Hill's site, I have it linked in via another comment to this entry already.

Send me your email address and I can put you on the ML!

Hey, if I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to have to replace you. I want to get this game started, but can't until I have all the email addresses!

I'm in!

Jeremy knows my email.

You know there is a program online for diplomacy that will calculate moves for you and generate a map, right? You can still be the GM and everything. You will just have neatly generated maps and save a lot of time by not having to calculate moves. Just seems like the digi cam thing would be hard. If you want details, let me know. I'm a HUGE diplomacy addict.

But ya, if you need a person I'm in. ;)

While the board and camera will work, it might be easier if you use this fine program instead:


I could be talked into playing...

Yah, but part of the problem is that I REALLY want to finally use the damn board I bought at Origins 3-4 years ago! It's still shrink wrapped!

Another problem is that almost everyone on the list is so new to the game, they've not heard of it before now. A couple have read the rules at least, and one has played a partial game before. I think I do need to help walk people through this at least for the first session.

I have one spot left open, but iuz was going to claim it if someone who is new to the game hasn't already claimed it. I'll talk to him later today and see if he wants to relinquish the spot to you still, or play with us.

Send me your email address just in case (I'm gwenix at gmail), I'll figure it out by the end of the day. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on the mailing list over the weekend.

I'm not at all new to the game, so perhaps I should sit out. However, I can be available to offer advice if folks want it. vintagejim on google's mail site works.

Thanks! I used to play regularly, but that was over a decade ago, so I might need help in remembering some technicalities as I go.


I'd say that there are maps for more than seven players, but yes, if you want to use the classic... :)

I wish I'd seen this earlier, it sounds like a lot of fun. I've been in two e-Dip games before and had a ball with them.

Er, that was me. :)