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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Iran next?

OK, is it just me, or do these things sound eerily familiar from, say, 2002-3?

Iran 'does not fear attack by US'

Mr Ahmadinejad made the comments in a rare US television interview on Monday.
He was speaking after US officials said they had evidence Iran was providing weapons to Shia militias in Iraq who were attacking the US military.
Mr Ahmadinejad said Iran "shied away from all conflict" and that no peace would come with foreign troops in Iraq.

Military Ties Iran To Arms In Iraq
Senior U.S. military officials in Iraq sought Sunday to link Iran to deadly armor-piercing explosives and other weapons that they said are being used to kill U.S. and Iraqi troops with increasing regularity.

OK, so the specifics are different... it's now regular arms vs WMDs, and it's Iran vs Iraq... but still. Bush made a lot of statements in his State of the Union about Iran that indicate that he is going to invade Iran, come hell or high water. I really believe that's what he wants the extra troops for. And I believe he'll do it after some ... thing ... will happen. Y'know, an explosive that kills X soldiers that was "planted there by Iran!"


When will we learn? We still have two wars we haven't finished yet, what will a third accomplish?

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Yup. Scares the hell out of me.

Asses of Evil...

You're not the only one worried. I can only hope the new Congress can hold him in check.


Nope. Not just you. These people are just batshit crazy is all I can figure.

Whoops, that was me.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Hey, I hear you're back in Lancaster. Send me contact info (gwenix /at/ gmail ...) so that I can hang out with you next time I'm near Reading. :)

Well, duh!

The third one will distract from the first two, and foment more unrest giving us more reasons to "need" to be there. Honestly, if you can't follow the simple master plan...

Third time's the charm...