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I finally got to bed at noon after trying to fix the mail queue
issue on a server for too long, figured out what was causing it,
and let the people who were at that point awake figure out why that
thing that was causing it was going on. I woke up at 7pm.

What this suddenly meant, I thought I couldn't do any of the Origins
preparations I'd meant to do (which was sorting through the camping
gear I'd left in the front room to see what was going to Origins
and what was going downstairs), and I was bitter. But then my
roommate proved herself totally awesome and loaned me her car for
the night. She figures she can't drive it right now since she's
still half-blind in recovery from her Laser surgery. So! I got
much laundry and gear sorting done!!

The planZ for the next few days: Tomorrow get to Tami's birthday
BBQ. If I have time after that, I dye my hair, else I wait until
later in the week for that. Monday evening, Pooka and I go grocery
shopping for the Origins food (we're taking food with us so that
we don't have to eat the overpriced hotel food). Tuesday evening
I pack and get everything ready. These evenings might get reversed,
but that's ok. :)

Wednesday evening, I go to class, head over to Mom's for the Climbers
Picnic for an hour, head back into Oakland to meet up with vocis,
Bleys, Ray, and eolh at Zombo's. At midnight I go home, and
hopefully meet up with slog and Alex there.

And then... Thursday morning we leave at 9am so as to arrive at noon
and get ourselves registered and whatnot. Woot!!!!

As you can see, it's gonna be really busy all this week. But man,
I so love Origins. It makes me happy. :)

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