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Sobering thought on the elections.

So, I'm less interested in whose party wins than who wins, so the fact that the democrats took over the House and (probably) the Senate isn't so interesting to me as critical issues. Well, of course, that embarrassment of a local figure Santorum is out. I'm not sure Casey is going to be ideal, but he'll be much better than that, and him being ousted is a big relief for me.

Now, what saddens me about the returns last night are all of the "Ban Same-Sex Marriage" votes. I knew they would probably pass most of the states that they were being run in, but ... I didn't expect those percentages. I mean, up to 81% was what I saw last night, and it was even above 60% in Wisconsin. That is disheartening. I have been hoping that we're ten years out from deleting this discrimination from our country's records, but those sorts of figures dampens that hope.

Sure, we have the democrat team winning in the legislative branch of the US Government at this point, that's probably a good change for the time being. I mean, it's a change, and we need that. But whose party is leading what government set is far less interesting to me than the critical issues. And I think we have a long road ahead for these issues even still.

Edit later: Apparently I stopped looking at the percentages too soon (they were making me depressed), because according to the comments, many of them changed radically before the final tally. This has lifted my spirits considerably.
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