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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Sobering thought on the elections.

So, I'm less interested in whose party wins than who wins, so the fact that the democrats took over the House and (probably) the Senate isn't so interesting to me as critical issues. Well, of course, that embarrassment of a local figure Santorum is out. I'm not sure Casey is going to be ideal, but he'll be much better than that, and him being ousted is a big relief for me.

Now, what saddens me about the returns last night are all of the "Ban Same-Sex Marriage" votes. I knew they would probably pass most of the states that they were being run in, but ... I didn't expect those percentages. I mean, up to 81% was what I saw last night, and it was even above 60% in Wisconsin. That is disheartening. I have been hoping that we're ten years out from deleting this discrimination from our country's records, but those sorts of figures dampens that hope.

Sure, we have the democrat team winning in the legislative branch of the US Government at this point, that's probably a good change for the time being. I mean, it's a change, and we need that. But whose party is leading what government set is far less interesting to me than the critical issues. And I think we have a long road ahead for these issues even still.

Edit later: Apparently I stopped looking at the percentages too soon (they were making me depressed), because according to the comments, many of them changed radically before the final tally. This has lifted my spirits considerably.

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On the plus side, though, Arizona rejected the same-sex marriage ban, making it the first state to have that sort of measure on the ballot and see it fail. Small steps. I think 10 years is overly optimistic, but I do think we're within a generation.

They did? OK, that is good news. I stopped looking at the numbers because they were depressing me too much at some point last night, and at that point AZ was still banning it by some significant margin.

Yup. It was 51-49 last I saw.


Thanks, that makes me significantly happier.

Additionally, the new Governor of NY - Elliot Spitzer - has said that he wants to sign into law a bill formalizing gay marriage - not civil unions, marriage.

I saw that, and the NJ court action on the subject.

Gay marriage will be legalised someday, it's just a matter of how long. I'd prefer to see it sooner rather than later.

The main reason I find it important which party controls Congress right now is because the Republicans were not exerting any of the checks and balances on the Executive Branch that they should have been. Having opposing parties control the White House and Congress should put those checks and balances back into place, and thus, we will hopefully return to a country that believes in warrants and habeas corpus.

It's also good to know that Rendell got re-elected, as he's gone on record saying that he hopes that PA can one day have same-sex marriages. I'll admit that knowing that was pretty much the only reason I didn't go looking for a third party candidate for Governor...

"Having opposing parties control the White House and Congress should put those checks and balances back into place"

Should, but they won't. The checks and balances have been eroded for several decades now, and they only ever slow down in the erosion, never reverse. It's a sad thing. We may see warrants and habeas corpus again, simply because the democrat voting base would like to see that, but that has little to do with actual checks and balances between the branches.

"It's also good to know that Rendell got re-elected"

I like Rendell. I'm glad to see him stay. I think he honestly has the interest of PA in his actions, and proves this over and over again.

"The checks and balances have been eroded for several decades now, and they only ever slow down in the erosion, never reverse."

A) _Any_ checks and balances are better than _none_, which is what we've had with the Republicans in charge of both the Executive and Legislative Branches.

B) I disagree that they've never reversed. For example, this is not the first time that habeas corpus has been suspended. That right has been restored in the past. While it is true that once any particular party has been in charge for a while, their ethics decline and their corruption increases, I don't take it as a given that checks and balances cannot be restored. In fact, a good deal of the Democratic platform going into this election was that they would restore said checks and balances. Time will tell how effective they are, but if they restore any of them, that would definitely be a reversal from the previous Congress.

CO defeated civil unions, but it was 53% to 47%. I'm actually impressed!

OK, I shouldn't have gotten so depressed so easily, because apparently I stopped looking at those numbers too soon.

Look here.

Amendment #43 (Definition of marriage amendment, pushing this from state law to the actual constitution) passes 56% to 44%.

Referendum I (civil unions) fails 53% to 47%.

It's all closer than I would have expected. Marijuana legalization for 1oz or less fails 60%/40%, and increasing the minimum wage passes 53%/47%.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The same sex marriage bans are very much a part of that, though. They were very obviously posited in an effort to pull another 2004 and have the non-voting Republican set come out to the polls to sway the votes in this election as well. (More obviously now, it didn't work this time.)

Given that, it makes the whole issue a ploy of the neocons to further their other agendas. And sadly, the ploy will outlast them.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Exactly, but the homophobia that they fanned will remain higher in their wake.