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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Pictures from the Shadyhaus Hallloween!

So, deviant_1 had a great idea, use Flickr for the artsy fartsy pictures, and Picasaweb for the random people shots. I found that Picasaweb had the uberconvenient iPhoto plug-in, so have easily just thrown a bunch of photos up from tonight's party for everyone to see. There will be more artsy photos (and some of what you see on picasaweb, for there are those that can be both) up on Flickr when I have more time to feed them through Photoshop first.

But yah, I present unto you Shadyhaus' Halloween party.

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Current Music: The Scarlet Thing In You-Peter Murphy-The Scarlet Thing In You

the photo of me strangling pegritz is pretty damn funny:)

Yah. :)

I actually prefer the first one of that series, because your look at him is just classic.

You made a fabulous Pris, just fabulous!

Nice pictures! BTW, there's also a flickr iphoto plug-in. Let me know if you want it and have trouble finding it.

I photoshop the pictures outside of iPhoto though, so that's really not useful for me. But thanks!

I do too, sometimes. You can ctrl-click a picture in iphoto and select 'edit in external editor'. It will open the pic in photoshop, and update the pic in iphoto once you've saved it in photoshop. You may need to select photoshop as your external editor in iphoto's config, first.

But, I don't want to modify the original photo. That's why I take them out of iPhoto before I edit them.