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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Score one for civil rights.

Finally something good to come out of New Jersey. And finally a step in the right direction for same-sex marriage.

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Pity that the timing on it sucks. This will be more than enough to convince some of the 'moral issue' voters that they need to vote. Yesterday it looked like they were going to stay home in droves. Of course, if the democrats don't gain control of the senate or house that might be a good thing if you buy intot he idea that we need to let the Republicans drive the country into the ground a bit more. Unfortunately, I think they wised up to the problem and we'll see a drastic shift in the Republican party over the next two years anyway.

Also, I came out of Jersey.

You came out in a Jersey?

(grin, duck)

There were a few polls last week that showed that even the moral issue of gay marriage isn't scaring up the moral issue rackles anymore, actually. Like, people got tired of that, they want something new to get up in arms over, like this whole Foley thing. That's much more meaty! Or something. Wish I'd kept the URLs handy, it'll be interesting to see what really does play out.

My problem is that I just don't think that the current crop of democrats are really much better than the republicans, on the whole. Everyone got scared of the "liberal" label, so have jumped onto the fine line of "moderate".. and in my opinion, over that line in many cases as well.

So, meh, I'd rather see this be debated and pushed around and confronted so that it eventually becomes legal than worried about how it's going to affect whatever election coming up.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I'm not sure that's necessarily true. Consider that Ohio got the Republican vote last presidential election by getting all of the backwoods farmers out to vote on an issue they particularly cared about.... otherwise they probably would not have voted and Kerry stood a better chance of winning.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Ah ha. That wasn't clear to me. Then yes, agreed. :)

Wow, that makes up for this: Just Like Yawning. (Which was the first thing I thought of when I read "something good to come out of New Jersey." Well, after, "Nuh-uh!")

OK, just for that, I give you this.

Wrong music. TYFP, HTH, HAND.


(I now have the theme you meant to implant in my head, so it worked, but only by inference)

Every time one of these cases comes before a state court, I cringe, because things could so easily go either way. I used to think gay marriage in my lifetime was a done deal, but now it fightens me that maybe it won't be. I dunno...