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On apartments and kitties...

So late last night, a couple friends moved my bed into my new apartment (long story as to why it was so late), and my gas will be turned on tomorrow. So, yah, effectively I'm living there already, even though most my stuff isn't there yet. But it's coming!

Anyway, while the friends were moving the bed in, we noticed some mewling from the tree outside. We looked around a bit, and realized that the kitty was, in fact, stuck in a tree about 20 ft off the ground (the first branch of the tree was a good 12-15 ft off the ground). So at 2am, I started calling the emergency lines to see if I could find someone to get this kitty out of the tree. The response? "No. Let it get out of there itself."

Uh, yah, I know how cats can amazingly get out of trees, I've seen a number of them in my life. But this tree really is branchless for quite a distance, and the way cats get down is that they sort of skid the first foot, then fall the rest of the way. I foresaw a broken leg in the kitty's future, and apparently so did the kitty.

Anyway, I tried to construct a very crude platform for the kitty to jump onto, and the kitty did come down a bit to eye it.. but then probably figured out just how unstable it was, because it just wasn't going to jump there (though it was waggling in the way cats do when they're thinking about pouncing forward). Then my friend decided to chase it around with a long stick to try to get the kitty closer to the ground... which resulted in the opposite happening (though the kitty did drop down a branch).

After this point, it was about 3am, and it was obvious that the kitty wasn't coming down that night, but it did have a stable place to hang out in (and sleep), which is what I primarily worried about. It was bedtime for humans too. I did get up again at 7:45am, and called Animal Control, "Uh, we don't climb ladders to get cats out of trees, it'll come down on its own," and the Animal Rescue League, "Sorry, but we open at 9am," and I left a message with ARL about the situation. At 11am I woke up again, and the kitty was still in the tree, and ARL hadn't called back.

So, I called my mom to see if we could borrow her ladder (50 ft ladder); this was arranged for later in the afternoon. Then I went on a run to my old apartment to pick up some stuff. When I got back, there were contractors working on the house next door around. "Hey, can we borrow your ladder?" Well, they sprung into action, actually, one guy just shimmied up the trunk like a professional banana picker, and got the cat out of the branches while the other guy got the ladder out and set it up for the first guy to come back down. Within five minutes, the kitty was out of the tree, yay!

So, after that we took the kitty to the Animal Rescue League in Wilkensburg (near Washington Blvd and Hamilton Ave), and oh man, it broke my heart to drop her off. This is an all-black half-grown kitten, female, and just the sweetest temperment ever. She purred the whole way in the car, looking around trying to explore (I couldn't let her go since I didn't have my kitty carrier handy), and snuggling. When we got inside the ARL, she was curious but totally unphased by the other cats and dogs in the place. I even introduced her to another all-black cat, who tried to paw her a bit, and she was very nonchalant about that situation.

I really wish I could keep her, but my new apartment is a "no pets, period" lease, so I can't. However, if any of you are looking for a cat, a secondary cat, or know someone who is, please go check her out. This is one of those one-in-a-million kind of cats very obviously, and too often all-black cats are never adopted because they're "bad luck". I would hate to see her be lost that way.

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