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Yay, new apartment!

I signed my new lease and got keys for my new apartment in the Southside Flats today. Tomorrow I go document the place, and start putting stuff in there! Woo!

So, I should probably start this now: Who all is free, say, next Sunday (the 1st) to help me move furniture? I don't need to have random tidbits moved then, I'll be doing that by attrition, but since I can't lift and carry much, I do need help with the major items. The furniture is in two locations, but fortunately one location is only a mile from the new apartment and the other location is only 4 blocks from the new apartment; plus I will have a rental truck with me.

So, yah, Sunday Oct 1st starting @11am, meet @Colony. If you can help me (and this should be quick and easy), please let me know! Thank you!

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