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gwen [userpic]
I'm a birthmom.

Kestin Alyssa-Lin Puechl, born Monday, September 18, 2006 at 8:44am, 9lbs even.

(Puechl is the adoptive family name.)

I went through 50-some hours of latent labor contractions and then 13 hours of labor. Gory details will be posted to the pregnancy screen in a bit.

Current Mood: soresore


Congratulations, Vampyra Daisy.

Hey, congratulations!

Good to hear all went well, Gwendy!

Yay for being the sole organism residing in your body!

Very happy for you!! :) Glad the bad part is over for you :)

Kestin is an awesome name! But "Puechl"? Heh.

I hope everything went well!

It's a German name, mang. :p

Oh, I know--I actually have a number of philosophical essays on Nietzsche by a guy named Ernst Puechl, so, yeah, I know the name. But it sounds lile "Pukel"! You can't help but laugh. Kinda like when you say "Ich fahrt nach Deutschland"--which means "I travelled to Germany", but SOUNDS like "I farted at Germany"!

haha, OK. :)

She's as adorable as you are!
Rest please. My best wishes to you and unnamable_guy.

Woot! Glad to hear everyone survived and all!

Give me a call when you're feeling better, we can hang out, I can bring over some sushi or something. I'm supposedly free tomorrow night ;)

Congratulations on evicting your squatter! Well, delivering the baby. Whatever, congratulations :)

Glad that you and Kestin are well. Glad that you are back home.

Ouch. Well, I'm glad you're through that part!


Yay! And on the best possible day for it! :D

hey.....i dont see my name......how bout Kestin Alyssa-gay hat-Lin Puechl...i like that.......CONGRADULATIONS DARLING .....you kick ass yo KICK IT....i love a lot and if ya need anything message me...


~ROb, Your gay hat.


congrats! you survived- party time!

Somehow I didn't notice this until now, so let me belatedly throw in another congratulations!