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Stupid Santorum.

OK, so, Santorum and Casey have started in on the heavy hitting negative ads about each other; and since I'm stuck in front of the TV a lot, I've been privy to a lot of them. Both sides disgust me, but Santorum's attacks just... are so slimy. Like, really really slimy. Like, the Santorum left behind after bad sex slimy.

Take, for instance, the ad about how Casey "went against the constitution he swore to uphold" by signing the paychecks that contained the pay raises he thought was unconstitutional. Well, you know, since Casey *is* the State Treasurer, I figure THAT IS HIS JOB. There was an article proving that Casey's job is, in fact, signing paychecks, and not doing so would be treason or somesuch, but I can't find that now (if any of y'all can find it, please post the link!) Regardless, this is a fairly obvious thing to realize... y'know, that the treasurer sign the paychecks, no matter how much he disagrees with them.

But, the latest slime trail is the ad about how criminals contribute to his campaign. Well, see, it turns out that, well, these guys contributed before they were under any investigation, and to PREVIOUS CAMPAIGNS. Like, none of them are current contributors. Even worse, some rumours on the net show that 2 of them actually contributed to Santorum's campaigns as well. Well, now, isn't that just special.

What gets me is just how gullible people are, because apparently these ads are working, and Santorum's regaining some points in the polls.

I really wish Casey weren't responding with his own mud-slinging (as opposed to slime-slinging), because it'd be so easy to hoist Santorum by his own petar in this race. "Oh, Santorum dear, it seems you're stretching a few facts... here, let me help you with that." And meanwhile, everyone realizes just how much slime the Santorum leaves you with. But alas, he didn't go that route.

If I were the sort to depend on religion to save me, I'd be praying for God to help us all right about now.
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