gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Report from first day biking into work.

So, my fingers will be very strong by the time I'm done with this.

Yes, you heard me right, my fingers. There's a mile-long very
downhill run called 18th I pump the brakes on. Wow is that a workout
for the hands.

My ass will be made of steel for the rest of the ride as well.

Beyond that, my knees are definitely better as I can finally
stand-pedal again, something I couldn't do last year. However,
biking in inner city is incredibly different from biking along the
bay. Instead of the cool spray of water on my face, gulls crying
above me, and watersurfers to my left; I passed a home still smoking
from the major fire this morning, and biked right through an inner
city fight outside the beer distributer. Sigh.

and now I must fix a server.

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