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Oh yah, I'll be moving soon...

I found a place in the Southside Flats that's set up well for my needs. Specifically, it has a lot more space than the bedroom I'm living in now; plus it's just off the 54C bus line, so I can continue to bus onto campus. While waiting for me to get rid of the thing inside me, the landlord is putting in new carpets, so I'll probably not move into the new place until the end of the month.

Anyway, I'm posting about this now for two reasons:

1) Does anyone want to take over my current room? It's $275/month + whatever utilities agreement you want to arrange with my roommate (Jim Storch). The advantages to the place are that it's cheap, it's next door to The Colony, and Jim likes to cook for everyone. The disadvantages are that Jim has filled up the rest of the house with stuff, so you have to be prepared to keep all of your stuff in one room; and you must be able to deal with the messiness that is the rest of the house.

I've agreed to continue paying rent for the current room through October, and I'll probably not be fully moved out until sometime mid-October anyway... but if anyone can take the room, I'd be all for working with them to take it over from me as soon as possible (*possibly* as soon as the start of October). I'd really like to leave Jim with a new roommate, so please let me know if you're interested.

2) I'm looking for a sofa, particularly one that can be used as a bed as well. Because of moving costs, I don't really have that much money to spend on one this month, and I can't really pick it up and put it somewhere until after I pop, so, yah. I'm mostly just poking at people just to see if there's something people are looking to get rid of sometime this month. If not, I'll probably wait until next month when I can afford to actually buy one.

Oh, and those of you who want the new address can email me for it. :)

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