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Yday was a looooong day.

Note: I'm not screening this post, since enough people interpreted my being offline all day as a sign I went into labor, so figure I should explain what happened.

So, I got up early yesterday to get together with the adoptive couple, then we all proceeded to Magee-Women's Hospital for my clinic appt and arranging all of the delivery details. That took all morning between the arrangements and my checkup (everything's still healthy). At 1pm, we had an appointment with the adoption agency to wrap up all of the details with them too, which took all afternoon. After the adoptive couple left, I took a quick nap, then met up with some friends for dinner. After dinner they decided to help me practice some more with my camera, so we drove around the city a bit looking for good twilight/night shots. After that, I was tired so just wanted to sleep.

So, yah, that's why I was offline all day yesterday. I didn't even bring my laptop with me, knowing I'd likely have no time to get onto it. No, I'm not in labor yet, just was busy. :)

However, this does mean that I officially have adoptive parents for the baby inside. I'll post later about them (along with a post about the checkup) to the pregnancy-screened list, but suffice it to say for now that they're really awesome. So, now all I have to do is just wait until it's all over and done. Yay!

Oh, I'll probably also put up the pictures I took last night to my flickr account later today. I was too tired to even download them off my camera to my laptop last night, so will be doing that shortly.
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