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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
my soda confuses me...

So, I'm looking at my can of 7up, and I see two labels near each other:

"Naturally Flavored Soda"



So, wait..... should I be scared here?

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Hasn't my wife ever told you about her experience in making all-natural raspberry flavoring that involved exactly zero raspberries?

It just says the ingredients are all-natural - it doesn't guarantee that lemons or limes are actually used to get those ingredients...

Actually, I put this on LJ so that Kathy would see this. :)

But... I'm not surprised that there's no lemons or limes.. but *no* juice at all? Something seems awry with that.

When soda does contain juice, it's often so little (say, 5%) that you can't imagine it having any effect on the taste of the drink one way or another.

At least it no longer has lithium in it. :)

I'll bet $10 there's all natural acetone involved somewhere in the making. Which, to be fair, *is* extracted from citrus fruit, but also costs something like 500x what "artificial" (read: chemically manufactured) acetone costs. Stlll, even with the expense of natural acetone, it's still probably cheaper than adding actual juice to the drink. :)

Is that the same acetone that's in nail polish remover?

Yep, the same thing.

Um, ew.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Yeah. What probably happens is that some kind of fruit (possibly limes and/or lemons, possibly not) are treated with some chemical, producing some substance that provides the flavor. Because the laws regarding what you can label as "natural flavor" versus "artificial flavor" are so loose, the former can sometimes be more toxic than the latter.

What little I know about the flavor industry comes from the excellent Fast Food Nation, which is a much broader, more informative, and more interesting book than the title suggests, yet remains a fairly easy read.

From one who avoids soda

Yes, you should be worried as hell. WTF are you doing drinking soda? Especially while you're pregnant? Stop, or you'll go blind! ;-)

Re: From one who avoids soda

too late, mang.

Since nobody said it, was I the only one imagining a bunch of chuckling guys standing around a conveyer belt of bottles with their flies open?

There are natural things other than juice. Have you ever heard of egg juice?

Particularly in the case of citrus, the oils are more where the flavor/scent comes from than the juice. Think extracts and essential oils.

Also, what Jeremy said.