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about this airport security...

So, how soon will it be before we can't take any items on board an airplane?

No, seriously. Right now the list is down to.... books, clothes, and laptops/electronics. So the electronics can be obvious about how they can be abused, so that leaves books and clothes. Well, both are flammable, and can be used to make a fire without too much else needed, right?

And does this really help us be more secure?

Now, can I posit this? Liquids are easily tested for what is in them. Why not just put the stuff through tests to determine that they are, in fact, HAND LOTION or WATER. You know, items that are useful when flying on an overly-air-conditioned plane! But, you know, that wouldn't be FEAR enough, nor would it allow the airlines to "supply" you with these products.... for a modest (over-)price.

*shakes head*
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