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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
About Mexico...

This is one of the more honest remarks about Mexico I've seen in a long while:

"In Mexican history, the only way to bring change has been through force," said Gerardo Salazar, 43, a teacher from the southern city of Oaxaca, where violent protests paralyzed the downtown for weeks before the election. "If necessary, we will have to turn to what has always worked for us."

From López Obrador Urges Civil Resistance

Reading the rest of the article, the election is sounding hauntingly familiar, a deja vu for our own elections 2000. It'll be interesting how their different post-election tactics will play out over the next few weeks.

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Well, the PRI was ousted after 71 years in power through a non violent series of election reforms that started around 1988. Its culmination was, obviously, Fox's election in 2000. While the Zapatistas were active during portions of the reform process the process preceeded the uprising by some years. So while violence and mass protest has been part of the process the transition from authortarian regime to democracy reallly seemed to occur without widespread or organized violence.

Also, while the election of PAN over PRD is disappointing the evidence seems to be that its really what the people want. The UN observers didn't find any evidence of fraud. Of course, mexican history makes everyone suspicious of fraud and its an easy charge to level. But really, if the PRD aligns with PRI and PVEM then they'll have the majority in the legislature - which is where this really matters.

That's good to know. The PRD seemed to have a more solid plan on how to get the country working again, so I was really hoping they would have a chance to see how their plan works in action. The PAN guy just seemed to be steeped in rhetoric that was mostly, "I love America," which, historically, hasn't really been helpful.