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Geezus, are Moyer and Trent really the same guy?

So does anyone remember when imightbegaye worshipped Trent Reznor and looked *just* like him? Like that waify little goth boi look, with the page-boy cut black hair hiding most of his face at all times? All black clothing with strappy straps hanging out everywhere! So, then Moyer gave up on that look, filled out his skinny frame, cut his hair buzz cut with sideburns, then turned all indie with grey/neutral colored dungarees and casual clothes, right?

OK, so.... Trent Reznor now looks *just* like Moyer! Right down to the sideburns and style of dress!

So bizarre.

Just got back from the NIN show (in Columbus)... due to a bunch of crap and my own stupidity on some stuff, I missed Bauhaus entirely. But that's OK, I enjoyed seeing Trent in his new look immensely. It amused me that he kept two young-Trent lookalikes next to him on stage, and even let them do all the destroying of equipment. He himself is finally looking comfortable on stage, he's learned to polish up his act, dramatically pause for applause at key times, play to the audience.

This is a far cry from the first time I saw him, when he sang over cheers totally lost into the angst and pain he was presenting people, then getting annoyed that the people were obviously not paying enough attention to interrupt him like that and just go apeshit on stage... I actually miss that, there was a certain intensity about it that I've never seen anywhere else.

But on the other hand, it was also something that had to exist then, it can't just be called up for every tour. The new stage presence that Trent has accepted, where he's playing a big stage, to a big audience, and really knowing how to work the crowd in his own way finally... that's good too.

So, why was I late and missed Bauhaus, the main reason I went through all that crap to get the tickets? Well, it started last night... see we were told last week that there'd be a big power outage in the server room last night. And thus we were all there late working on first shutting down all of the systems gracefully, then trying to bring them back up cleanly. And as always happens in these cases, a number of systems weren't so cooperative, so I was there until 4am. I wasn't even the last there -- I was kicked out to go to bed (I was basically falling asleep on the table at that point, yay not being able to drink caffeine at night right now). mg4h and the third of our sysadmin trio, Bruce, were there later, I heard that Bruce was still working on the last system at 9:30am, and I didn't see the page to say that system was finally working again until 5pm. Yah, teh suck.

Anyway, I woke up late. Then I went to lunch with a couple of the people who were there last night before getting on the road. I didn't actually leave Pittsburgh until 3pm, but that would normally be just fine.. cutting it close, but fine.. except that there's construction on I-70 between Washington, PA and Wheeling, WV that actually STOPS ALL TRAFFIC. Like, I was at a dead standstill several times. And this is road work that's 10 miles long. It took ONE HOUR to go that 10 miles. Not to everyone following behind me tomorrow: take route 40 past that shite, y0. Seriously.

So, yah, I got to the hotel room at the time when I planned to leave, and I still needed to dye my hair. OK, this is where my stupidity comes in... I should probably have waited to dye my hair, but I really wanted to make sure it was done. So I quickly did it....... and not only did that keep me well past time to leave, it also was a rushed job which I am now fixing. yah, oops.

Oh well! I still enjoyed the show, so I'm in fairly good spirits. Plus, tomorrow I get to.... ORIGINS!!!!!!!!! WOO!

So, time to rinse out my hair and pass out so I can get up early enough for registration before I have to go shift with Looney Labs. :)

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