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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
That dirty word that starts with L...

I'm going to point to Mexico's current election campaign. Why? Well, in all the debate about closing borders, no one's actually gone and looked at Mexico itself. Here we have a Leftist (Populist) candidate vs. a Rightist (big business) candidate, very plainly so, and with all the dirt slinging, neither is able to focus on how to strengthen Mexico's economy so that people don't feel the need to run across the border.

I just don't understand the whole "strengthen our border" crap, to be frank. Strengthen the country behind the border, and the problem goes away. It's really that simple. But with elections like that, I fear that Mexico isn't close to getting there ... And in that light, I hope the populist guy wins.

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<sarcasm>Yeah, but economic and social uplift in Mexico could take years, whereas strengthening our border is the perfect quick fix politicians love so much, just like the Patriot Act and invading Afghanistan.</sarcasm>

So long as our border is open, they have no motivation to fix their economy. Until we strengthen our border, THEY WILL DO NOTHING, because it is easier for them (and keeps their corrupt politicians in power) to suckle at the American public teat.

Furthermore, strengthening their economy means we're exporting jobs away from our economy!!!

The whole "strengthen the border" thing is simple.

We have millions of people who are in this country illegally, many of whom are committing other crimes in the process of entering, assisting drug gangs, joining terrorist organizations like Maras Salvatruchas, and so on.

We have the Mexican government encouraging them, protesting any measure we take to try to do anything at all about the situation other than "treat them as full citizens except that they're mexican", and supporting terrorist groups such as MECHA who are explicitly dedicated to returning control of the American southwest to Mexico.

We have what appears to be the Mexican military openly entering the United States and engaging in gun battles with US police forces in support of drug gangs.

We have a totally corrupt government in Mexico that is dedicated to preserving its own authority over all other priorities, including fixing their own economy - they prefer to sit like a parasite and suck down dollars from us, instead, all the while backing the aforementioned terrorist organizations and assisting other terrorist groups such as al'Qaeda to insert agents across our borders.

I assure you that neither candidate in the Mexican election has any real interest in fixing their economy. They have no motivation to do so when it is easier for them to pillage ours.

As for the myth that illegal immigrants "do jobs Americans won't do", I assure you that it IS just that: A myth. As an example: In the first months after Katrina, construction companies hired thousands of American workers to help rebuild homes and businesses wrecked by the hurricane. Within three months 90% of them were laid off, because the companies were now hiring Mexicans willing to work under the table for a miniscule fraction of the wages. It is not "jobs Americans won't do" that Mexicans take, it is "jobs companies can profit from by paying peanuts for". Meanwhile they are a massive drain on our hospitals and public welfare system.

The FIRST step we need to take, outside of militarily securing the physical border, is to crack down hard on companies who employ illegal aliens. We need to take away the incentive that makes it easier for them to come here rather than build the economy of their home country.

I hate to ask this, but...

Where in the hell did you get that load of horseshit?

No, wait, don't answer that.

Look, you're making a lot of assumptions about my position that I don't necessarily have... I am only trying to point out that strengthening Mexico's interior would alleviate our problem. Any and all of the above of your claims does nothing to negate my assertion, even if they were true.

"We have a totally corrupt government in Mexico that is dedicated to preserving its own authority over all other priorities, including fixing their own economy - they prefer to sit like a parasite and suck down dollars from us.."

Are you sure your talking about Mexico? Sounds like the U.S to me.

Well, there is still the minor problem that Mexico is its own country and has the right of national self determination. As such, there isn't all that much we can do (that we haven't already done) to strengthen their economy. So if we don't want illegal immigrants then the only real option is to either completely get rid of any border control (which probably isn't a great idea) or enforce the border more vigourously.

Mexico also doesn't have a strong reason to control the border on their side. The amount of money mexican immigrants send back to mexico is staggering (about $14 billion (2% of the GDP)) whiel reducing (slightly) unemployment pressures and other social effects.

American companies also operate in Mexico at reduced costs by doing things that are illegal in this country, for good reasons. This is not helping the Mexican economy in the slightest, and it is a definite effect that America has on Mexico.