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stoopid congress!

Congress may make ISPs snoop on you

A prominent Republican on Capitol Hill has prepared legislation that would rewrite Internet privacy rules by requiring that logs of Americans' online activities be stored, CNET has learned.
The proposal comes just weeks after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Internet service providers should retain records of user activities for a "reasonable amount of time," a move that represented a dramatic shift in the Bush administration's views on privacy.

So, my question is... is Congress then going to pay the $billions it would require for every ISP to log all online activity for "a reasonable amount of time", as in ... the first minute?

This is all done in the name of child pornography, of course. Yes, of course I think child pornography is bad, but I don't think that all of this crap is going to combat it... I just think it's one more excuse to reduce our privacy rights. Whee!
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