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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
From the mouth of a Palestinian.

This Tartan op-ed from a Palestinian about Hamas is worth reading.

Basically, if you're wondering how the Palestinian people could have elected Hamas, this is their side of the story.

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Regardless of my opinion, the title's pretty clearly wrong. The West very clearly can, and did, abandon Hamas. "should" is not the same as "can". The title is very parental.

I think the title is worded for emphasis of his point, not for actual ability or capability of doing so.

If I were wrong, I would not want to emphasize it. That's why I could never work for the White House.

How is this anything different than every pro-Palestinian editorial anywhere?

Yousef writes:
"Lack of communication with the Palestinians promotes the stereotype and illusion that Hamas is a radical Islamist terrorist organization, which is untrue."

350 attacks killing 500 people and wounding 2000, most of which were civilians, is a "typical anti-colonial insurgency"? Bullshit.

Does this let Israel off the hook? Of course not. However, the author is clearly pulling a snowjob here.

The reason I find this piece interesting is because it's what the Palestinians see. Yes, it's incredibly biased for a whole lot of reasons, but what I want to point out is *how* they feel, which leads to *why* things are as they are.